Available for cleared research


Team with prior military and academic backgrounds


Specializing in multi-discipline engineering

Research Topics

The Belt and Road Initiative:

  • Collaboration vs. Competition, how does the BRI affect partner countries
  • Effectiveness of the BRI in various regions
  • Chinese grand strategy and how it is enacted through BRI

The East and South Chinese Seas:

  • Freedom of Navigation Operations
  • Partnerships with South East Asian countries
  • Japan’s relationship with South Korea, can it be stabilized?
  • Chinese artificial islands, do they pose a threat?


  • The state of the Taiwanese military
  • Changing Taiwan defense acquisitions from American suppliers
  • Is Taiwan defensible again Chinese invasion?
  • What does the loss of Taiwan mean for Japan’s ability to defend themselves?

The New Role of NATO:

  • Future operating conditions
  • How do NATO countries with different geostrategic goals work together
  • Coordinating diplomatic and military programs within the context of NATO
  • NATO and China, possible military conflict and future economic entanglement

NATO’s Potential Additions (or Subtractions):

  • Turkey and Erdogan
  • Ukraine and the little Green Men
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Georgia

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As new challenges arise internationally to American influence, a new cadre of intellectuals must emerge to lead American strategy into the new age of foreign policy. The Hailston Research Group aims to fill this gap by taking rising stars from the international relations field and establishing a relationship between them and principles with decades of practical experience and academic contributions to the field. Under General Hailston’s tutelage, the group aims to pass down the collective experience of a generation of foreign policy professionals to the new generation of American thinkers and leaders in order to better prepare them for new challenges to American power across the globe.

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